It's always lovely to receive feedback after our performances. If you have attended any of our recent events and would like to leave us some feedback, please leave a message on our contact page.


Here are some of the comments we have received in the past. 

Thanks to everyone’s support in raising such an outstanding amount before we took her to America we have been able to convert a room into a therapy room.


It was a huge success, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening the choir were superb.


On behalf of our charity ‘The Chloe Bigmore Trust’ we would like to say a huge thank you for organising the recent concert in St. David’s Church Laleston. The Mid Glamorgan Mixed Choir sang beautifully throughout the evening.


I write to express our great thanks to Mid Glamorgan Mixed Choir for coming to St.Crallos to give a concert in aid of church funds.


It was a lovely occasion and people appreciated enormously the quality of the singing.


What a lovely concert tonight, it was very relaxed.


We were impressed with the choir’s performance. Such power for the size of the choir.


We would like to thank you for singing in the wedding service the singing was wonderful, truly a perfect day.

The hairs on the back of my neck were standing up, those harmonies were fantastic.

I had goosebumps those harmonies were so good to hear, please come back again next year.

As ever beautiful singing please come back next year.

Come back whenever you want, amazing.

I am sorry that I have to leave the choir but currently I am not able to give the time with travel and work however I want to thank you for being so welcoming and in the future when I am not travelling so much I may well be back.

Wow amazing I could have listened to you for longer.

What truly lovely arrangements.

I have listened to a number of choirs over the years but that was up with the top ones.

Civic Service 2019

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it - you were brilliant AEPW Activities.

For a small choir you generate a beautiful sound.

Many thanks for a wonderful performance at our Carol Service at Soar Chapel. Quite a number of people remarked how they enjoyed the evening and that they look forward to it every year. I noticed that there were a few heads and shoulders moving in the congregation to "Santa Baby."

I want to thank you and the Choir members for a wonderful Carol Concert on 8th December. Once again the feedback has been amazing and you are all a huge hit with our community. Hopefully you can come again this year. We would be privileged to have you with us again. (Coychurch Higher Community Council)